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At Pinnacle Specialist Cleaning Services we have over 20 years experience of providing our Specialist Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service to a wide range of commercial customers including Restaurants, Takeaways, Public Houses, Schools and many more.

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning London

At Pinnacle Cleaning Services we work with our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division to provide a fully dedicated London Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service. We work alongside our Specialist Ductwork Cleaning Division to provide a one stop solution for your kitchen deep cleaning requirements. This includes carrying out surveys, risk assessments and cleaning of all kitchen extract systems.

We provide our Kitchen Extract Service to a large number of locations throughout london including: South London - Where we cover all borough's from Chelsea through to Croydon, West London - covering all borough's from Wembley through to Slough, North London - covering all borough's from Camden through to Enfield, East London - covering all borough's from Hackney through to Chelmsford.

We provide a dedicated Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service to an extensive list of clients across London including restaurants, cafes, hotels,public houses and takeaways. The need for this Kitchen Extract Cleaning Service has become even greater due to recent legislation that states that 'It is the duty as an owner of any food related business to keep premises and equipment in a clean and hygienic condition' as set out in the Food Safety ( General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

The Kitchen Extract Cleaning service that we provide has become even more essential for businesses in London as being based in a busy city they will come in contact with a higher number of staff and customers on their premises.

If a regular cleaning program for the kitchen extract system is not carried out it can lead to the accumulation of dangerous fungi and bacteria and can cause widespread infections.

We can arrange for our partner company Essential Risk Assessments (ERA) to carry out a full risk assessment of the Kitchen Extract System. The initial part of their kitchen extract risk assessment is by way of a visual inspection checking for any damage of grease leaks,after logging their findings the ERA assessors will then carry out CCTV surveys which will enable images of grease and carbon build up to be photographed and recorded as part of their fully audited cleaning service.

The Essential Risk Assessment assessors will then carry out the wet film thickness test (WFTT) to find out the amount of grease that has accumulated in your ducting system. Once that has been attained and they have ascertained what the level of cooking that is carried out in the kitchen is, they can then design a regular cleaning program based on your requirements.

We provide an insurance company compliant service and we provide a fully audited cleaning service. This service includes visual and photographic evidence, risk assessments,COSHH assessments, daily work sheets, completion forms and the offer of a recognised certificate on completion of all works carried out.